Ann Baxter and Ernest Borgnine in Sydney, January 1959, taking time out from filming ‘Summer of the Seventeenth Doll,’ (Season of Passion in the US).

Angela Lansbury, John Mills, Ernest Borgnine and Anne Baxter in Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, 1959


Anne Baxter for Lux 1959 - love the ‘colours to match your bathroom’ too.

It’s super Toni, 1959

5th Avenue, 1959

Colour unlimited, 1959

Be warm, look enchanting, 1959

Stylish windcheaters? Exacto. 1959

Tops in entertaining and ads as news, 1957

Milo the tonic - Go Nestles! 1957

For happy, healthy lambkins, 1959

Fresh, feminine and doll like, 1957

Slenderizing stripes, 1959