Sparkling seersuckers, 1950

Ceiling lights of 1950

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Judy wondered if the boys were talking about her….and if her belt was a little too much…

Fashion patterns for Spring 1950

'Stop thinking about shrinking', 1950. OK then.

Stop and look….1950

I don’t know about the wallpaper, but I love the sofa….1950

Ad from 1950

From Wikipedia - The English Electric Company Limited was a British industrial manufacturer formed after the armistice at the end of 1918. It was created to make one of Britain’s three principal electrical manufacturing concerns by amalgamating five businesses which, during the war, had been making munitions armaments and aeroplanes.

It initially specialised in industrial electric motors and transformers, railway locomotives and traction equipment, diesel motors and steam turbines. In the end its activities expanded to include consumer electronics, guided missiles, military aircraft and mainframe computers.

English Electric’s operations were merged with GEC’s in 1968.

Ginger cakes, 1950


1961 Buick Special

Another classic car……droollll

Bright war time fashion, 1943

 ’Hoover Wagon’ c. 1930s


Easy to use, and so safe…1950